Thank Goodness For Companies That Care

This February we’re thankful for companies that care. We celebrate companies that choose to do the right thing for their employees and their customers, even and especially when it’s not mandated or the path to doing so is complex or costly. We support companies that are paving the way and educating consumers to make better, conscious choices when it comes to their purchases of goods and services.

Last March, People Magazine published it’s first ever Companies That Care list. See it here. The global impact these companies and organizations are making around causes from education for all to ending hunger and homelessness is impressive. When you read the stories surrounding their efforts, it is not solely about applying a financial band-aid. Their efforts are rooted in employee engagement around their causes, which then translates directly into employee self-care and real, consistent and sustainable benefits for the external communities they serve.

While most of these companies are global in scale, they offer even the small business owner some inspiration. We love seeing The Container Store at #13 on the list! The Container Store, notes People, “…creates high paying, satisfying, supportive, life-long careers for retail workers. Each Valentine’s Day, The Container Store celebrates National We Love Our Employees Day! Employees are given gifts, love notes and hugs from the company to thank them for their hard work. The Employee First Fund provides grants to employees experiencing unforeseen emergencies.”

At frego, we’re taking a page out of People’s coverage of companies that care and applying it to our business. Since 2012, Safe. Healthy. Responsible. has been more than just a tag line; it's how we approach everything we do. Our products combine the best of science, ergonomics and aesthetics, consistently infused with dedication to creating a better world. Our process is guided by the desire to provide innovative products that give us all the chance to make smarter everyday choices.

Through our exhaustive testing for safety and quality, recycling of scrap materials, and developing fregogiving – a program designed to give back to our communities and donate to children's charities like the The Lunchbox Fund (frego donates 1% of our proceeds to their charitable causes. See more at Through these efforts we not only say we believe in creating a safer and healthier world, we're making it happen. One responsible step at a time.

Assuming People makes their Companies That Care an annual feature, what companies do you think should be on the list and why?

Juhi Gupta