So many ways to use Frego!

The silicon sleeve over the glass makes all Frego products microwave safe.

Silicone sleeve protects hands from burning

Leakproof food storage

Dual-seal silicone lid is completely leakproof

Write on Frego food storage, label content

Label contents and dates

Glass Won't Break

Intelligent design protects glass bowl from breaking

Lid and Bowl use at home

Use lid and bowl for home


Directions for Use

Prepare — 

Heat and serve food with ease. All components are oven and microwave safe to heat, including the SoftSnap™ silicone lid. Glass containers are covered in a silicone sleeve, and will remain relatively cool when microwaved.

Store — 

Keep foods safe and fresh inside your refrigerator or freezer. The SoftSnap™ lid seals to both the glass and the silicone sleeve. Store with or without silicone sleeve. You can ever store dry goods like rice, sugar, flour, etc. with the SoftSnap™ lid sealed to protect against moisture and contamination.

Serve and Go — 

Simple, quick and safe.
The silicone sleeve outside the glass container protects your kitchen surfaces and table. No need to use a trivet. You can even transport hot or cold items with security and ease. When sealed, the silicone sleeve and SoftSnap™ lid significantly reduces the chance of breakage from accidental drops.

Wash and Care — 

Fewer dishes, more “fre” time. All components are safe in a dishwasher, and will not release toxic chemicals or deteriorate with time.


Check out our video to see just how versatile Frego is:


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