Our Story

Frego Kitchen Solutions Safe for Families

Juhi Gupta worked for a Fortune 100 company. She balanced marriage, an MBA, her fitness, her health - and motherhood. After leaving the corporate world to devote her time to her growing family, she spent her mornings packing fresh & healthy lunches using the typical plastic containers on the market.

Sadly, “the best” food storage containers were filled with hazardous chemicals that leak into your foods. Reheating in these containers worsens the problem. Juhi realized there was a need for safe dishes that could withstand cooking, reheating, and storing. And eliminating all that plastic from our earth wouldn’t hurt either. So she made her own because she couldn’t find one.

Frego is all-in-one kitchen solution. Convenient, high-quality, chemical-free, non-toxic, and socially responsible.

Every time you microwave your food or store your family’s meals, you will know that your food is safe, your dollar is going farther, and you’re doing your part to keep our planet healthy. Who knew that one container could do much good?

Feel “fre” to celebrate.


Proud Partner of The Lunchbox Fund.

We donate 1% of our proceeds to their charitable causes. Through our exhaustive testing for safety and quality, recycling of scrap materials, and developing fregogiving – a program designed to give back to our communities and donate to children's charities – we are helping create a safer, healthier world.

Lunchbox Fund Charity