Purge the Plastic

Back to school time is the perfect time to purge the plastic in your kitchen. As the maker of high-quality, toxin-free food storage containers, we’d love to help you organize what moms have historically called their “Tupperware cupboard.” This dreaded cabinet is jam-packed with unorganized containers. It’s a cabinet where you spend way too much time finding a matching container and lid set for your leftovers.

It’s also a place where you might find way too much plastic. To inspire the overhaul of the food storage container area in your kitchen, read up on the harmful chemicals found in plastics 2011 NPR article – it will make them much easier to purge!

At frego, we get excited to see more bloggers and DIY YouTuber’s like Old World Home and Lisa Bryan of Downshiftology, moving away from plastic publically and going all glass (and in frego’s case, borosilicate, non-breakable glass). (See: link). If you’re ready to organize your food storage area and put healthy consumption into action, we’ve assembled a few tips for you.

1. ASSESS Take inventory of your current containers -- match up lids and spread your containers out on the counter, smallest to largest.

2. PURGE If you have plastic containers (even glass containers with plastic lids), consider replacing or transitioning out of them.

3. ORGANIZE Stack or nest your two and four cup frego glass containers, outer shells and silicone lids (i.e. if you only have the two-cup containers, keeping each three-set together and stacking works well).

4. LABEL After you’ve secured food in any container, indicate when it should be consumed by for food safety reasons. Frego’s outer shell is perfect for jotting a date and brief description of its contents.

5. LOOP Keep your containers in a usable loop. This includes moving your freezer-stored items into the rotation for consumption on a regular basis. A bonus with frego: your meals can go right from the freezer to the oven or microwave no worries.

Going plastic-free is an investment in the environment and our health that will pay off in the in long run. You’ll use Frego containers for decades (lifetime replacement warranty) and the absence of plastic leaching into your food will directly contribute positively to your health.

We’d also recommend getting the family involved and engaged in the process so the daily and long-term upkeep of the system works. Snap a picture of your organization and how you’re going plastic-free with frego, tag with #freofplastic – we’d love to see your solutions!

Juhi Gupta