Fridges of Coworking and Office Spaces Everywhere Need Frego

One look inside the fridge at my co-working space and I’m saying, “Frego, people…c’mon.” Have we not evolved past guessing what lunches have been in there and for how long and dealing with other people’s messy food situations? Despite the grand-scale diligence, rule enforcement, reminders and sometimes public shaming of known leavers of leftovers too long -- unorganized, expired contents and fridge mayhem happens every day!

At our co-working space, the community managers often have the daunting task of fridge enforcement. The fridge, despite frequent purges and regular cleaning fills up quickly and foods are forgotten just as quickly. I am guilty! Just today I brought in leftovers for lunch and couldn’t quite finish them so one slice of fiesta flatbread remained as I dashed out the door to make it to yoga. My intentions were there… I even stopped, pausing in the kitchen where I could NOT remember my intended task of grabbing my leftovers in the fridge because I wouldn’t be back for a week. This is how it happens people.

Fridges in co-working spaces across America are suffering. And co-workers like me, who have a five-day a month membership and choice of four locations, are exponentially contributing to the problem. Let Frego help. In addition to being commuter-friendly in their leak-proof design, Frego food storage containers are labeling and relabeling-friendly. With a dry erase marker, found in any smart co-working space, you can write on your Frego container. It easily wipes clean when you are so inspired to write a new message. Might we suggest writing an expiration date, your name and a smiley or threatening face (do not touch my fancy restaurant leftovers) on your Frego.

Frego will keep your fridge colorful, labeled with contents that are easily stackable. Obviously, this delightful, organized vision of a fridge can work in homes across the country too, but we’re starting the vision with co-workers, co-working communities and commuters.

Share with us, co-workers and commuters: what does your fridge look like and what are your worst nightmares? How do you see Frego improving your fridge situation? Submit your pic and a brief story by October 31 to win a set of Frego containers. We look forward to helping you do your part in contributing to your co-working kitchen and maintaining healthy relationships with your co-workers!

Juhi Gupta