The ABCs of Back to School Lunches

Alex. Brianna. Claire. Your darling ones -- eleven, nine and seven. Suddenly summer is over and it’s time to think about back to school.

For parents who enjoy knowing exactly what their kids are eating, summer is great for fueling kids with an abundance of fruits and vegetables and meals made by you (or your child for that matter!). It can be daunting to send them into environments, like school, where you have less control over their exposure and options. Just know that while there’s not much you can do to protect them on the playground, you can control what they eat each and everyday.

Inevitably, back-to-school time begs the question: What are they going to have for lunch? Are you going to commit to packing a lunch for them or having items on hand that they can assemble and pack for themselves? Are they going to eat school lunch? Or maybe it is a combination of home and school lunches for them. There is no end to the possibilities and options you could consider. And given variations in school food protocol and that each child may be distinctly different based on food allergies and pure personal preferences -- you have your work cut out for you.

Frego to the rescue! We have had all of these same thoughts and challenges. We’ve channeled them into the thoughtful design of our food storage container system so you’re not left wishing your current containers were more versatile. Here’s a little schooling on how Frego addresses your back to school concerns with our six S’s:

Sight: Our clear glass containers made of borosilicate glass that won’t ever shatter, keep your food in plain sight and make lunch visually appealing for kids and easy to find for parents.

Size: Our 2-cup size is perfect for younger kids and tweens; while teens and up might opt for our 4-cup size as their appetites grow. With flat containers they stack up well for backpack transport.

Sleeve: Our glass container then fits into our colorful sleeve for non-slip grip for all around convenience in portability.

Snap: Our snap and seal lid is made of silicone that won’t ever warp, crack or stain so you get a perfect fit that’s easily sealed and leak-proof.

Scribe: Our containers have a writeable surface! Use a dry erase marker to write whatever you like then simply wipe it off with a wet paper towel and repeat. Alex. Brianna. Claire – they all get theirs.

Smiles: Our brightly colored containers make eating on the go fun and appealing. Truly for kids we know this goes an exponentially long way. Everyone’s happy. Everyone smiles at lunch time: )

When you add up the benefits of Frego, it’s the right answer. We love to see parents free up their energy for back to school lunches so they can focus on selecting and preparing the healthy mix of foods. We also like to remind them of a significant and surprisingly overlooked benefit: Frego containers are non-toxic! Here are some of our favorite school lunch food resources: Good Housekeeping, Weelicious, and The Organic Kitchen. You can also find tips on back-to-school from one of our favorite moms, SuperMoms360, in her Back-to-School Guide.

Homework assignment: Snap a photo of your #FreLunch and share it on @FregoLiving – Twitter or Instagram.

Here’s to back to school functionality and fun!

Juhi Gupta