Fun Green Ideas for Kids

Do you love to find new and unique ways to be green in your home? We do too!

If you love the idea of being more green at home but don't think you have the time or energy, don't be scared away! Being eco-friendly doesn't have to be a difficult and time-consuming thing ... and it is something we are super passionate about. (No surprise there, right? ;) )

So naturally (no pun intended) we just love finding new and unique ways to bring "go-green" efforts into the home » especially when the kiddos can be also involved » and they love it!

Our frego kids are all about finding new ways to help protect the environment so we thought it would be fun to share a few of our ideas with you. (We do have to admit ... there are times when these eco-friendly little ones would rather take a bath than shower, and we all know that isn't the BEST way to conserve water. But hey, sometimes a bubble bath is in order, right?!)

Build a Compost • Spring cleaning isn't very far away. While cleaning up your yard, build a compost pile and teach your children the benefits of the pile and what can be added to it. You can even bring this activity inside by composting kitchen scraps too!

DIY Recycled Bird Feeders • We're already hearing the birds chirping away as the snow melts, and we're sure they're hungry! Why not draw them into your yard with a recycled bird feeder?? It's a super fun activity the whole family can join in on » crafting them and watching the birds flock to feed. Try making your feeder from a recycled tin can, ketchup bottle, or even a wine bottle!

Plant a Garden • Here's another chance to recycle » and yet another cute mason jar idea! Plant an herb garden. Give each jar it's own herb and tag and watch the seeds sprout and grow! (And then enjoy using them in your cooking too, of course!) This is a great way to teach your children about the importance of sustainability and show them how to properly use each herb in the kitchen.

(We know there are some cat loving frego fans out there so we have to mention » you can grow catnip this way too!)

Ready to make every day Earth Day with us? Share your awesome green ideas and activities with us over on Twitter » we'd seriously love to hear from you!

Juhi Gupta