Meet the Front Line of the frego Revolution

Since we just love our fans and can't get enough of getting to know them more, and seeing the pictures of their frego containers "in action," we thought, 'why not spotlight a few of our raving fans to share their awesome stories and pictures!'

Trust us! You have to see some of those pics for yourself here » #fregoinaction and here » #whatsinyourfrego

GET TO KNOW KRIS TROSKA – A cat loving frego fanatic.

What is your best kitchen tip?

Prep work: Get a few things done early to make meals easier. frego is perfect for storing different ingredients in different stages of prep – it seals well, heats perfectly, and washes up easily.

What is your favorite dinner to prepare?

Indian food is my favorite but I love all food! I usually make ‘extra’ of foods (like veggies or meat) as the seed for the next meal (that is when frego comes into play – making storage and reheating a breeze!).

What do you love most about frego?

I love how easy they are to use and wash. It is amazing how evenly and nicely food heats in them, but aren't hot on your hands! And, they are perfect for toting around leftovers when we eat out.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I love to hike in the woods, the bluffs, and the marshland (we are so lucky to live in the SE Minnesota Drift-less Area). I love to read books and graphic novels. I love to play games like Munchkin, Flux, Exploding Kittens, Love Letters, Scrabble, Cribbage, and loads of other tabletop board/card games. (We love board games too, Kris! So much fun for any night in or gathering of friends and family!)

Kris also also has two kitties, Hubbard and Shamrock, who were adopted from her local Humane Society shelter. She says, "They mostly just get Greenie Cat Treats, but Hubbard loves lettuce and Finius loves everything except lettuce so ….. sometimes we share." (Too cute!)

Check out Kris' fregos in action:

kristin - orange food.jpg

kristin - smiley sausage.jpg

GET TO KNOW GAIL WATSON – She owns 14 fregos!

What is your best kitchen tip?

Don’t be wasteful. Make a menu, make a list of ingredients you will need to prepare the meals (and check what you already have to ensure that everything you need is either already in your house or put it on your grocery list), and then follow your plan.

It will be helpful to include family members in the planning session so your selections will be well received. Have an agreement among children that each person’s favorite foods will be included and that each person will eat the other people’s favorites, too. (Great tips + ideas, Gail!)

What is your favorite dinner to prepare?

Stir fried beef and broccoli over rice. (We're getting hungry!)

You have 14 fregos! (Awesome!) What do you love most about your containers?

Well, now I have two more (the larger size), and I absolutely love them! I retired in 2015 and bought an Airstream travel trailer.

It has a refrigerator and freezer as well as a gas stove and a microwave/convection oven. Before going on a trip I fill the smaller containers with soup, stew, chili, crock pot creations, etc., and freeze them. When I am ready to go on a trip, I put the containers in the Airstream freezer so I have already prepared meals for traveling.

The containers go from the freezer to the microwave to the table, and cleanup is a snap! This has been a great boon to travel since on the days I am on the road, a delicious meal is only minutes away when I arrive at a campsite for the night.

I use the larger frego containers for fresh celery and fresh carrots, as they keep wonderfully well in them.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I love to read and travel. I drove from Fort Myers, Florida, to Escondido, California, in September/October 2015 and have been in California since the middle of October. I will be leaving here to drive back to Florida this week.

I have had the pleasure of using my Airstream trailer on this trip, and it has been everything I had hoped it would be! Right now I am preparing food to freeze in the frego containers to start my trip home.

GET TO KNOW ALBA CALLS CLAVERA – Our international fan from Barcelona.

What is your best kitchen tip?

I always use natural and fresh ingredients. In fact, if it is possible I always buy organic food. I am not a good cook. So, my tip is: buy always good ingredients. It will help you!

What is your favorite dinner to prepare?

A big salad with many ingredients. For example: lettuce, scarole, cheese, sliced carrot, sesame, quince, croutons, nuts, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I also love preparing guacamole. I only use 2 avocados, 2 or 3 tomatoes, olive oil and salt. Sometimes I also add some cheese. I eat it with potatoes chips and nachos.(Now we're really getting hungry! ;) )

What do you love most about frego?

What I love most is that they are made with glass, so they are plastic free. It means that I can heat them into the microwave without suffering for the toxins.

Moreover, the content never scrapes from the containers. So, for instance, you can put a vegetables soup inside.

Finally, when you take it after being into the microwave, you don’t burn your fingers. So you don’t need to run to arrive to the table. :)

What do you love to do in your free time?

I love sports and workout 5 days a week. Pilates and running are two of my absolute favorites! I also love nature. As I live in the countryside in Barcelona, I try to do some trekking around outside at least once a week.

Check out Alba's fregos in action:

alba - green frego.jpg

alba - tomatos in freo and apples.jpg

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