Loving Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Food safety definitely comes into play over the Thanksgiving holiday. The big bird might sit out longer than the two-hour recommended maximum for perishables. Relatives might double-dip into the cheese fondue. The mashed potatoes might mingle with the cranberries for too long – and while that might not be a food safety issue, it’s definitely not appealing.

This Thanksgiving, in addition to your meal presentation consider how you divvy up the leftovers after the big meal. Start by ensuring perishables are put in their place within two hours of their original serve time. Use glass containers that are no more than two inches deep for cooling and for the best-tasting leftovers, store one item per container. Be sure you label the container with the date (eat within four days) and either the contents or the name of its intended end-consumer.

Frego’s design makes following these U.S. food safety guidelines easy, fun and then some. Choose a two or four-cup size frego container for each of your dinner dishes, add your leftover item, seal it up with the silicone lid and label on top of the container or if you choose to add the colorful sleeve during food storage, add your label to the sleeve side for in-fridge visibility.

The “and then some benefits….”

If Thanksgiving has your caloric intake out of whack, frego’s two cup containers are the perfect guide for portion control. See the Glamour magazine review here.

If the same guests attend your Thanksgiving feast each year (your kids home from college), they can bring their own frego and walk away with more leftovers!

If you’re left with so many leftovers that make it impossible or unappealing to consume by Tuesday, frego goes right to the freezer without issue (consume within two months), while other plastic containers will send your leftover bird into the freezer-burn zone in no time.

Reheat and eat your leftovers in the same container as you will surely be tired of washing dishes after the Thanksgiving meal.

We are proud to do our part in providing you a better food storage alternative for easy and safe consumption of your Thanksgiving leftovers and every meal. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Juhi Gupta