New Package Design: Fre of Confusion

With a mindfulness that comes with January as a season of new starts, we might be paying more attention to labels. Perhaps we are scanning nutrition labels on foods for healthy eating purposes. Or maybe we’re getting organized an assembling a desk for our home office that comes with a large packet of directions. In any case, it can be frustrating to encounter packaging, labeling or directions that leave you with unanswered questions about the product or its uses, especially if it’s a more technical product with multiple or compatible uses.

At frego, package design and labeling has always been of the utmost importance. Upon product launch four years ago, we made choices like avoiding plastic wrap so we could expose the product to touch to convey its quality. We also made our lifetime warranty promise to replace the product should the highly resilient borosilicate glass happen to break. Lastly, we showcased all of frego’s functionality in a colorful, easy-to-read bulletpointed “fre” list: fre of plastic, fre to heat, fre of breakage and fre to go.

The marketplace and consumers continue to evolve. In response to these changes and frego’s learning over the past four years, creating and unveiling a new package design in 2017 is timely. We’re excited to share that we’ve moved from a horizontal wrap to vertical wrap that takes advantage of each side, including the product’s vertical side that’s often front and center on the retail shelf.

Enhanced visuals that show the product’s individual parts (glass bowl, lid and silicone sleeve) and collective use as a complete food storage container are more apparent. The larger, main panel reflects the product design and safety, setting it apart from other food storage containers in the market. In a bold move away from a softer blue, frego accents in navy punch up the bright pastel palette to command more attention on the shelf.

We’ve called out our quality product on an eco-friendly level before using the language, “fre of plastic.” With more and more consumers becoming educated about the detrimental health impact of toxics in the environment including our everyday products, we updated our language to “fre of toxins.” Our concept of frego as a revolution in food storage remains. You’ll continue to see our prompt to Join the Revolution on all of our package design along with our social media icons. We invite our consumers to follow us and find other eco-friendly brands and consumers for sources of information and inspiration to live better.

Overall, we believe it’s an improved version of our packaging that helps consumers discern frego’s value proposition among a vast array of choices in food storage containers and systems. Please share your thoughts with us on the new packaging. We’d love to hear from you!

Juhi Gupta