The Significance of Sending Lunch to School

Extra-currirculars and jam-packed evenings of demands are making the nightly sit down family dinner a rarity. This can be problematic on many levels. Not only is proper nutrition in question, but the quicker pace at which we eat, our distractedness and the timing of when we eat in relation to our activities are all off kilter.

All of these behaviors have implications for our children’s health and wellness. I remember my mom not being as concerned about the nutritional value of my school lunch because we were eating most dinners at home. We had nutritionally balanced meals and conversation at the table. Together.

Many children today aren’t getting the benefits provided by having an evening meal in this fashion. On a positive note, the absence of a quality sit-down evening meal brings the importance of lunch to the forefront. Parents quite possibly send their kids off to school with lunch made at home solely because they want to know what’s going into their little ones’ bodies. They seek higher nutritional value and better options for their kids.

An additional benefit of homemade meals to-go is the connectedness preparing a meal for someone else, like our children, can bring us. It’s an act that should be treasured and appreciated for its significance.

Frego celebrates parents who prepare meals to send with their kids to school and enjoys playing a role in people’s everyday lives. Parents prep and pack meals in Frego, write a name or even a message (with easy erase to write something new the next day), and kids enjoy it over their lunch. The child’s feeling of being cared for a loved via the experience of that meal is meaningful. Parents might also take great pride in the thoughtfulness and time it takes to prepare it as well as a having a sweet little thought of their child around lunchtime amidst their busy work day.

So here’s to thoughtful, caring parents and the meals they prepare, pack and send with their children. It’s important and we thank you for doing a your part to inspire us all!

Juhi Gupta