Luckily We have a Better Option for Food Storage

We cannot contain our excitement about providing a healthier, safer, sustainable food storage option! We feel lucky to have consumers that care about the same things we do – safe container handling, sustainable materials and a product that works to meet so many needs.

If you’ve noticed, there are a lot of food storage container options out there. We did a quick sweep of our local wholefoods store shelves and we looked at online shelves to survey consumer preferences over the past year. Are we making progress in the move to sustainable?

One indicator of progress would be less shelf and online space for the likes of plastic containers. The shift is slow, but we believe it is happening. We continue to work on education and the notion that consumers would entirely replace plastic containers with better options. Currently, it seems that even consumers moving in the direction of omitting plastic may still own a mix of containers made of various material types, including plastic types like Gladware for certain occasions.

We press onward. We know that the global food container market features a highly fragmented vendor landscape and intense competition in terms of product variety and cost. Frego comes in on the higher end in quality and price due to its multifunctional features , lifetime warranty and sustainability. Our product fits into the category of glass food containers among a whole host of options including paperboard food containers, bags and pouches, plastic food containers, metal food containers and raw materials food containers.

Consumers definitely have options. When they go to retail shelves and online to review and select, it’s clear that the increasingly sophisticated consumer is demanding convenient packaging that is easy to carry, store, and allows ready consumption of food. Couple this with the rising number of women in workforces, increased number of families consuming packaged foods, and a vast surge in double-income families, and we find that all trends point toward healthy growth prospects of the global market for food containers (source: Transparency Market Research).

As frego stays simple and true to its product and value proposition, you can bet we’ll be sharing the product benefits of visual appeal, ease of portability, convenience, and freshness protection with the marketplace. We believe there are opportunities to differentiate via packaging and harness the excellent branding real estate and exposure food containers provide. Stay tuned for some of these types of enhancement by frego in future months.

Thank you for being informed and choosing your food storage container options wisely. With any luck, we’ll shift to sustainable through education, design, environmental concerns and consumer spending power. It’s in your hands – go green today!

Juhi Gupta