Add Frego to Your School Supply List

It’s time to pull the backpacks out of the closet and assess their readiness and coolness for another school year. If they are still in good shape after last year’s wear and tear, they’re ready to go from a parent’s perspective. From a kid’s perspective, they’re looking for a cool factor based on whatever their current vibe is. Do they want to boldly stand out with distinctive style, exist somewhere in the middle that’s non-committal or fly completely under the radar in a monochromatic look?

Whatever the decision on this school year’s backpack, you’ll need to go on at least one shopping trip to stock it. After the school list supply buying of folders, notebooks, pencils, markers, highlighters, glue, rulers and sharpeners is complete, you’re not even close to done. Remember the group supply list, shoes of all sorts, clothes and calculators are on a list too. Shop for those then it’s time to turn your attention to their lunch.

If you’ve sent your kids to school with a lunch from home in the past, what worked? What didn’t? Frego can help you avoid messes like when chicken noodle soup meets chemistry homework. Frego can also help busy families prep, store and grab meals from the fridge. Prep meals once or twice a week, write contents on the side or top and even your kids’ names and a date they should pack it.

The two-cup size frego with four color options for the outer silicone sleeve, is perfect for kids’ backpacks or lunch containers. They won’t leak either. So go ahead, pack the messiest mac-n-cheese or saucy noodle dishes. Your kids will enjoy the variety and everyone will appreciate less mess. Stock up with frego and check off all of your school supply shopping early this year!

Juhi Gupta