The Four-Cup Frego Serves Up Sustenance and Snacks

When we talk about portion control, frego has two easy ways to help you manage your servings: the 2-cup container and the 4-cup container. The 2-cups go off to work and school with mom and the kids, but for the more hearty eater, a 2-cups serving of your best lasagna might not be quite enough.

Enter in the 4-cup. For suitable lunch portions for an average American male, we’re finding that at least a 3-cup serving is need to fill the hunger void over the noon hour. For many, the 4-cup is the ideal option. So pack those fall soups and hearty meals like lasagna without worry. There won’t be any of the leaks typical of many other storage container options. And when it comes to clean up at the office, frego washes up well and the silicone lid won’t be wearing your lasagna sauce for years to come.

After a satisfying meal, if you chose to write something on frego’s side panel prior to packing it, it serves as a nice little reminder to complete a task of your choice – i.e. "Don’t’ forget to pick up the dry cleaning!" So by packing lunches from home, not only does your family save by avoiding eating pricey lunch hours out, but bringing lunch from home becomes something to actually look forward to.

The 4-cup isn’t just for guys either. It can work well to bring snacks to parties, gatherings or on road trips. Go the cheese and cracker route or assorted fruit or veggies and you’re all set for sharing at it funnest… or finest!

How are you getting creative with the frego 4-cup version? We’d love to hear it!

Juhi Gupta