Be Safe This Summer With Smart Silicone

As we transition into summer, we create new routines and help our loved ones experience it to the fullest. We want adventure, independence, relaxation and time for reflection woven into their summer. With one caveat: we want them to be safe.

Caregivers walk the delicate line of letting our loved ones freely experience life and keeping them out of harms way. So as you’re planning fun camps and field trips for your kids or planning weekend visits or family reunions for your parents think safety and convenience rolled into one. After you’ve done your due diligence, organization and planning, send them off or set them up with meals and snacks that are fun and easy.

Start by prepping and packing food safely in frego for all of their uses. We’re happy to share that our FDA approved silicone sleeve and SoftSnap™ silicone lid and our proprietary shatter-resistant glass bowls deliver on top-notch safety. Whether your kids or parents take it on the go, there is peace of mind in its ease of use. They may take it from fridge to microwave and table to dishwasher or even bake in it.

Silicone is just smart. But not all silicone is made alike. Frego’s is BPA, PVC, polystyrene, lead and plastic FREE. We like to bend, flex and test our frego containers and lids. They bounce back with resiliency that retains their shape, thus you always get a tight seal between container and lid. Another bonus – the silicone doesn’t stain from contact with foods like marinara sauce.

We designed frego with safety in mind. We love that caregivers everywhere are choosing frego for safety and convenience for their kids and parents. Good luck in your summer planning – may you and your loved ones be #fretobe!

Juhi Gupta