Pack Your Snacks for the Road in Style

Packing up to travel with the family is an adventure of its own. Don’t forget sunscreen, swimsuits and beach towels. And don’t forget to pack snacks for the road.

Keeping your entire family happy while traveling includes keeping them fed and hydrated. Planning ahead will ensure you have healthy, flavorful snacks and beverages that allow you to bypass the gas station alternatives. It’s these poor alternatives that can make a roadtrip downright messy (think Cheetos!) and unhealthy (think sugar-crash induced fighting!).

We’ve worked hard to flip the switch to fun snacking that’s also healthy. We all recognize that our little ones – toddler through age five – are captive to the snacks we put in hand. However, as our kids grow up and can assert their favorite snack ideas, parents give up some of that control. We need to be clever to ensure healthier options are the norm, obviously not only while traveling, but in everyday life.

One part of being clever as we go up against the major marketers to our kids – Ronald McDonald, Chester Cheetah (Cheetos’ brand ambassador) and the Keebler Elves – is to make snack options fun and satisfying. Frego brings the fun in four colorful food storage containers in two and four-cup sizes perfect for snacking. They travel well with their leak-proof seal and wash-up nicely for reuse on the return trip.

Ditch the plastic baggie of grapes stuffed in the travel cooler and opt for previously frozen grapes out of a chilled frego with Chill Out written on the container. Use the outer silicone containers to serve up healthy, crunchy snack options like Beanitos Chips, for example. Use the four-cup frego to mix all of your fresh fruit up for serving with a scribed note to Freshen Up! Chop your veggie varieties (at least three to stave off boredom) so little hands can dig in when they spot a Crunch Out Loud signal on the container – I mean who doesn’t want to annoy their sister?

If your kids are under 16, they are essentially captive in your vehicle. You make the choice on where you stop to refuel. So if you’re armed with great snack options, the gas station alternatives become less of a battle to fight. Better yet, get kids in on the snack prep work. Include some dips and sides based on their ages that add more dimension to the snacks. Get clever and travel well!

Juhi Gupta