Frego featured in 'HOW WE MAKE STUFF NOW' - By Jules Pieri, CoFounder & CEO of The Grommet

In How We Make Stuff Now, Jules Pieri, co-founder and CEO of The Grommet, features Frego Living in the book's customer experience chapter.

Here's an excerpt from the book:
[Customer Experience], the title of this chapter, probably evokes an image of a company that answers the phone promptly and treats people courteously. That is true and certainly an aspect of customer service, but it's too narrow.... [Customer service] is embedded in all of your policies and practices, your overall orientation as an organization, and the total customer experience you craft and nurture."

Pieri continues,
"I like the way Juhi Gupta Gulati, the founder and CEO of food storage company Frego, thinks" 'A successful company should first and foremost be a responsible company. It should be responsible toward its customers, its employees, its environment and people with whom it has relationships."

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