Feast with Frego

If we’re a fortunate family that has plentiful amounts of food over this feast of a holiday, we’ll find ourselves seeking ways to store food, freeze food, and send food home with loved ones. For these reasons, there may be no other time during the year that stresses our food storage containers quite like Thanksgiving.

Fret not on feast day, Frego has some tips for you:

Free up Containers –- A few weeks out from Thanksgiving, free up your containers from the freezer, etc to maximize your starting container capacity.

Make less variety – Thanksgiving is a plethora of potluck love and that’s awesome! If people are bringing food items to your home or you’re bringing them elsewhere, the host can share the list with everyone in advance. That way people feel okay bringing one thing and not worrying about missing any traditional items like pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce.

Make less quantity – “Tis the season to be bountiful, but consider just how long you want to be eating leftovers for, especially the ones that don’t store/freeze well. Cut the recipes for certain dishes in half if you recall having way too much in previous years and be selective. Perhaps one type of dinner roll versus white, wheat, rye and sourdough options will suffice (don’t forget to consider the gluten-free folks).

Go Glass, Go frego – Great leftovers deserve love. Place food leftovers in two or four cup frego containers. Frego is made of borosilicate glass, which means it’s shatter-resistant and can withstand going to temperature extremes – freezer to oven – no problem! Your second best bet is a glass container and the least food flavor and safety friendly option is a plastic container.

BYOFSC: Bring Your Own Food Storage Containers – If you’re the one entertaining, remind guest to bring their own glass containers so they can easily take home leftovers.

Avoid leftover leaching – Store food in frego with its silicone lid and your food will be free of toxins. If you do have items that you’ve stored in plastic, please remember to transfer them to a plate or other glassware to heat before you eat.

These are just a few of our tips for a food storage friendly Thanksgiving. We’d love to hear from you – what are your food storage frustrations? How are you using frego?

Juhi Gupta