Bundle: Four 2 Cup Containers

Bundle: Four 2 Cup Containers


Bundle of four 2-cup containers in each of our four colors.

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How to Use Frego:

Prepare — 

Heat and serve food with ease. All components are oven and microwave safe. Just remove the SoftSnap™ lid and heat. Glass containers are covered in a silicone sleeve, and will remain relatively cool when microwaved.

Store — 

Keep foods safe and fresh inside your refrigerator or freezer. The SoftSnap™ lid seals to both the glass and the silicone sleeve. Store with or without silicone sleeve. You can ever store dry goods like rice, sugar, flour, etc. with the SoftSnap™ lid sealed to protect against moisture and contamination.

The silicon sleeve over the glass makes all Frego products microwave safe.

Serve and Go — 

Simple, quick and safe.
The silicone sleeve outside the glass container protects your kitchen surfaces and table. No need to use a trivet. You can even transport hot or cold items with security and ease. When sealed, the silicone sleeve and SoftSnap™ lid significantly reduces the chance of breakage from accidental drops.

Wash and Care — 

Fewer dishes, more “fre” time. All components are safe in a dishwasher, and will not release toxic chemicals or deteriorate with time.